Julia Allen

Julia Allen is new as a personal trainer but, not new to fitness. Having spent a lifetime struggling with health and fitness, in 2012 she decided to fully commit to a lifestyle change. "Real fitness is not something that can be altered in 4 weeks like a magazine says. It takes time, dedication and consistency. That's why my motto is PUSH (persist until something happens). And it's really important to remember that balance in both nutrition and exercise are important to getting results that you desire."

Personal Trainer

PT Manager and Personal Trainer

Shecky Benham

Work Experience 
Certified Personal Trainer with over 20 years experience.  My emphasis is training Male and female bodybuilders, bikini models, strength athletes, over 20 years successful in training clients to receive Pro cards in the following categories:

Georgia State University, Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science

American College Sports Medicine (ACSM)Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS)USA Age Group Swim Coach (12 years)America Red Cross CPR instructor

Personal Trainer

Rick enjoys working with clients in a variety of different ways.  His exercise programs blend traditional free weight and machine weight-bearing exercises along with functional body-weight and plyometric movements designed to improve overall strength, coordination, balance and agility.  He is also an advocate of high intensity interval training (HIIT) to improve cardiovascular health and endurance.  Rick is certified with the National Council For Certified Personal Trainers (NCCPT).

Blake Burgess

​Reggie Swindell

Rick McCoy

Personal Trainer

Blake is a recent graduate of Auburn University.  Blake is a certified through ISSA with a specialty in weight lifting and conditioning.  Blake also played all four years and won a national championship in 2010.
Whether using machines, free weights or calisthenics, certified personal trainer Reggie Swindell teaches clients how to train every area of the body in a safe and effective fashion.

Form and function are the basis of a successful workout. "With the basic understanding of proper form and technique, a client will become empowered and more self-sufficient, thus able to achieve better results faster," Reggie says.

​Getting results also relies on individualized workouts. Prior to a session, Reggie evaluates each client, learning what they like and dislike and any health conditions he should be aware of. Using this information, Reggie crafts personalized programs that are based on the client's personality and physical abilities. Drills are chosen to keep the client focused on challenging the body while maintaining safety from start to finish.

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